Switching Your Accounts to Cortland Bank

Closing your accounts

  • Close your existing accounts by visiting your previous financial institution, or use the “Please Close My Account” form included in the kit below
  • Ensure all outstanding checks have been cleared before closing your accounts

Changing your Direct Deposit

  • Contact your employer to change direct deposit account and routing number information.
  • You can use the “Authorization to Change Direct Deposit” form included in the kit below if your employer allows
  • Types of direct deposit can include:
    • Employee Payroll
    • Social Security
    • V.A. Compensation or Pension
    • Civil Service Retirement
    • Pension
    • Supplemental Security Income

Changing your Automatic Payments

  • An automatic payment is a money transfer scheduled on a predetermined date to pay a recurring bill
  • You can contact the business requesting automatic payments, or you can use the “Authorization to Change Automatic Payment” form included in the kit below if your originator allows

Switch Kit

Cortland Bank Switch Kit