You have big dreams for them.

Make financial freedom one of them.

The Strong Saver Program is taking flight! 

Strong Saver is a rewarding savings program for those 18 and younger, geared towards promoting strong savings and financial literacy.

  • Did you know that only 14% of students have taken a personal finance course in school? Cortland Bank continues to visit schools in our local communities, if your school would like to request a visit, please contact us.

  • 46% of parents have spoken to their children about needs versus wants. Are you one of them? Start the conversation today. We would be happy to help.

  • A child with a college savings account is seven times more likely to attend college than one without, regardless of income, race, or academic achievement. Start saving today with a Strong Saver Passbook Savings.

Source: ABA Teach Children to Save

Make Savings Rewarding

This program is structured to help facilitate strong savings.

Your child will start with a Strong Saver Passbook Savings Account, and will receive a one-time new account reward. As your child builds his or her savings, they can then use those Strong Saver Passbook funds to open a Strong Saver CD (min. $500). Based on the amount of their deposit from their passbook into their new CD, they will be eligible to receive rewards at the end of the CD term. Upon renewal your child will have the opportunity to receive additional rewards.

Children who qualify for rewards will be rewarded for their diligent savings. Through this program children will be able to see their balances increase. After their rewards are issued, the funds they have received rewards on must remain on deposit to receive additional rewards on future deposits, building their savings further for their futures.

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