Mortgage Pre-Qualification

Secure your intent to buy.

Considering a mortgage?

Ask how you can become pre-qualified with Cortland Bank.

In today’s mortgage environment it is more important than ever to get pre-qualified.
During the pre-qualification process, Cortland Bank’s Mortgage Team can address any issues that may affect your pre-approval request once you locate your future home.

Once you are pre-qualified, the seller knows your intent and that you have the ability to obtain a mortgage loan. Most sellers will not accept a contract without a pre-qualification letter.

Why Cortland Bank?

  • 24-Hour Pre-Qualified Approval Process
  • Complete Product Lineup
  • Competitive Pricing and Flexibility
  • Reduced Closing Costs
  • Mortgage professionals, who care, understand and are available to meet according to your schedule.

Disclosure: Pre-qualification letters are based on the initial information submitted by the potential borrower and are not a pre-approval.