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Business Loans 

Looking for a Business Loan? We can do it! 

Commercial, Mortgages, Lines of Credit and SBA Financing. 

In today’s ever-changing competitive market climate, the line between success and failure is a thin one indeed. No matter what business you happen to be in, you probably spend a great deal of time looking for an edge, for that slight advantage that can help you achieve your company’s goals. Cortland Bank understands our local economy and local businesses. We are dedicated to providing personal services to your business to help you find that competitive edge. 

Required Documents for Application

Lines of Credit: 

Working capital lines for your short term and seasonal needs. 

Floor Plans: 

For dealers financial needs. 

Letters of Credit: 

For that commitment to one of your vendors or suppliers. 

Single Pay Time Notes: 

For your short term financial needs. 

Commercial Equipment and Machinery Loans: 

For expansions and growth. 

Commercial Real Estate Loans: 

20 year amortization schedules with competitive fixed rates. Owner and Non-Owner occupied. 

Construction Loans:

Interest only during construction period. 

SBA 7 (A) Loan Guaranty Program: 

Reduced down payment requirements.

SBA 504 Certified Development Company Program: 

Two loans with long term fixed rates on SBA portion up to 20 years.

SBA Express:

50% SBA guarantees. Streamlined approvals.

Ohio 166 Program: 

For fixed asset projects with long term fixed rates.

Cortland Bank works very closely with the Mahoning Valley Economic Development Corporation to help assure that we have all of the resources available to meet your borrowing needs.