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Valentine's Day on a Budget

February 07, 2020

Valentine's Day on a Budget

There are more ways to show your loved ones you care about them aside from buying expensive gifts. If you are worried about maxing out the budget this month, consider some alternative gift-giving options! We've found a few budget-friendly ways to hep you express your love this Valentine's Day. 

  1. Consider a ‘homemade gift.’
    • Look around the house for scrap paper or unused craft materials. Gather up anything you’re not using and make your own thoughtful card.
    • Take some time to put into words how much you really care about your Valentine! Share a favorite memory or story and include photos. You and your loved one can reflect on all of the wonderful memories you’ve created.
    • Make a personalized playlist. Many streaming services allow you to create private playlists that can be shared with another user.
  2. Bake or cook something special together!
    • Raid your pantry for ingredients and start a new tradition by baking or making a meal together. You’d likely be surprised what you already have! You can purchase heart-shaped cookie cutters online or at a local store for a relatively low cost. Use them for heart-shaped pancakes or other delicious treats!
    • If you're set on going out with your loved ones to celebrate Valentine's Day, consider breakfast or lunch, rather than dinner. 
  3. Find a low or no cost activity that you can enjoy together.
    • Many museums and art galleries offer free entry. While some institutions are always free, some may have special promotional days that are free of charge. Explore a place you’ve never been!
  4. Movie nights are always a win!
    • To save some cash, you could stay in and rent a movie online or use a streaming service.
  5. Have a game night.
    • Dig out those old board games or find a deck of playing cards! Check the app store on your phone or tablet – you may be able to download a game for free!

Hopefully, some of these ideas have inspired you to save money this February without compromising quality. Your loved ones will be thankful for your thoughtful efforts and so will your wallet! 

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